Cooking Classes

Cooking Confidence

Cooking classes & demonstrations are both fun and educational. You can learn nutrition tips, skills, storage tips and cooking know-how that will increase your culinary confidence. 

Over the years there has been a decline in home cooking which has led to many people not being taught how to cook at home. Our cooking classes & demonstrations are here to help bridge any knowledge gaps while also providing nutritional education. 

Ways to cook with us

Kid's School Holiday Classes

Get the kids in the kitchen making fun fruit & veggie creations!

Cooking Demonstrations

Learn delicious and nutritious recipes at your group event or workplace. Coming soon to the clinic!!

5 Benefits of Cooking Classes


Some of the basic skills you can learn are knife skills, diifferent cooking methods, such as steaming, braising, searing, toasting, menu planning to reduce waste and keep to a budget, how to follow and understand recipes.


Making a delicious and nutritious meal promotes a sense of accomplishment, pride and confidence which you can take with you out of the kitchen.


Cooking lessons can increase your awareness of new ingredients, styles of cooking, flavours and recipes. So you can step outside your comfort zone and try more new foods and flavour combinations.


Learn more about the nutritional content of foods, how food can impact your health, hidden ingredients in packaged foods and understand nutrition labels


By increasing your kitchen skills and confidence you are more likely to make more meals at home, which has been linked to an improvement in dietary quality and health.

Not interested in being in a group

Don’t worry if you are not a group person, we have other cooking class options for anyone wanting to work with us one-on-one. These options are also great for anyone that can’t travel to the clinic in Upper Coomera and would rather practice their skills in the comfort of their own home.  

Culinary Skills Session

A 1:1 culinary skills session provided at your home. These sessions are tailored to your needs and can be anything from learning how to cook the perfect egg, practicing knife skills or how to get maximum meal prep done in 1 hour.

Taste & Play Session

A 1:1 session designed for children or anyone struggling with food acceptance. These sessions help take the pressure and fear out of food and instead make it fun.

Looking for something else


Designed around 6months of healing, we will work together to restore and repair your gut while you learn lifelong habits to maintain a harmonious gut into the future.